Mercy of Slumber Records

based out of black raven records in victoria bc, iskra has been shredding crusty metal for almost a decade, putting out ten releases and touring all over the continent. from blackened crust to anarchist metal, for those who loved black kronstadt to those new to crust, expect destruction.
vegan anarchist crust hailing from deathchurch in montreal. dark crushing tones, raw female vocals, and a passionate commitment to the bleak messages delivered. you may have seen boneblack on their coast to coast tour of turtle island this summer, or maybe dumpstering outside your house at 3 AM.
cetascean emerge from winnipeg to deliver darkened fist-pumping cimex-style crust with punishing breakdowns. anarchism is screamed raw as a reflection of the oppressive violence crushing all who inhabit earth. expect no answers, only anger. fuck everything.
willing feet
minimal black metal punk dieing a noisy bloody fucking death in winnipeg. it does not get more raw. four song cassette demo ltd to 82 copies released in two thousand nine. s/t seven inch ep now available through mercy of slumber/peace and quiet.
ARCHAGATHUS play a driving and relentless brand of Grindcore known as Mince. Coated in polka beats, d-beats, blast beats and fast punk as fuck down tuned guitars they are reminiscent of pioneers of the genre such as ROT and AGATHOCLES. Archagathus, like their Father, Agathocles release a maniac amou
Pizza Hi-Five
Pizza Hi-Five hail from Lima, a tiny town smack dab in the middle of Ohio. They play a relentless brand of Mince also in the vein of Archagathus, Agathocles. They have put out a few other releases and seem to be on the rise. MOSR is releasing a long awaited 7\" planed at the inception of their summe
Maximum Thrash
Maximum Thrash are from Indonesia, They are a Power Violence band taking cues from Grind, Thrash and Hardcore. Indonesia has been pumping out the grind these days and we are excited to co-release this split.
Head Hits Concrete
Head Hits Concrete are a totally spazztic and disharmonic political grindcore band from Winnipeg, MB. Thave been around since early 2000 with a slight hiatus in 2006 and return in 2010. We will be releasing new material by these riff monsters as they return as a 3 piece to play shows.
Violent Restitution
Violent Restitution are a political 3 piece grindcore band from Vancouver, BC. They play brutal, crushing heavy Grind/Mince taking cues from old school grindcore.